About us

Since childhood I have been fascinated by art and wanted to found a new kind of Swiss art company. I am particularly fascinated by the emotions that this wonderful world can trigger. On the one hand, with the viewer, who has the luck to admire a beautiful work and on the other hand, with the artist, who invests a lot of work, time and effort in his art.

The problem: the price

Often art is very expensive and hardly affordable for the average wage earner.
Therefore, I have made it my personal goal to bring art to the people, so that you get the best quality at an affordable price. From my point of view there is nothing more beautiful than bringing art closer to people. Completely detached from worldly goods like money and fortune. Art must be made accessible to everyone. That is my mission.

With ArtMinded.ch I want to challenge the status quo of art in everyday life and through a Swiss art company make it more accessible.

My goal was that even young people can give their family, friends and loved ones something special and reach for a new kind of gift. The reaction that one triggers with a personalized painting are not comparable with a simple perfume, which is so ephemeral, or with a simple piece of clothing. It is something personal, creative and unique that can be kept for many years.

All these facets of art, have moved me to realize my vision into action. With ArtMinded.ch, I want to take a first step and go ahead to create an artful world, where everyone has his place. The most famous and beautiful works of art have always been available to the public – let’s go back to that to make the future better.

Visit our showroom

Directly at the train station Wädenswil you can admire some of our hand painted artworks

Currently displayed in front of Coiffeur Maurizio at Gerbestrasse 4, 8820 Wädenswil: