Questions & Answers

Will my painting be painted exactly according to the photo template?

As a rule, the painting is created exactly according to the photo template. But if you want to adjust the background or other details, you can tell us via comment field when you order. As these are handmade oil paintings, certain differences to the original photo are possible.

Can you have any picture or photo painted?

Yes, we can. If your picture does not belong to the standard categories, we ask you to select the category “Wish picture”. When our experts check your picture, we may have to make changes to ensure its realization. In such cases we will contact you by e-mail to discuss this together.

Can the artist leave out unwanted details from the photo while painting?

Yes, that’s no problem. Just let us know your change requests when you order.

Is the painting delivered framed?

In the order, there is the possibility to order a frame for it. If you don’t choose a stretcher frame or full frame, the picture will be delivered rolled to you.

Can I have people from different pictures painted on one painting?

Of course. Our artists can always combine people from different sources and photos on a single painting. Just send us your photos and wishes in the category “individual request” and we will do the rest.

What is the maximum number of people or animals you can paint on a picture?

A fixed number cannot be named, very many things are possible or can be painted. The factors of size and costs must be taken into account. If the number of persons, objects or animals exceeds 4, we ask you to contact us via “individual request”, and we will discuss the possibility of implementing your wishes.

What quality must the photo originals have?

The higher the resolution and quality of the reference, the more detailed our artists can create your work. Of course we can also work with older or lower quality sources.

Which file formats can I upload in the configurator?

The configurator supports all common formats. If there are any difficulties during uploading, please contact us via e-mail.

Who are the artists who paint my picture?

We have the right specialist for every category. ArtMinded.ch tries hard to participate in art events worldwide and to find the best artists for you. Most of our work is done in Switzerland, but there are certain categories for which we manage and supervise our experts in Europe, America or Asia. They are real painters who do NOT produce assembly line work, but high quality handmade paintings. We know every artist, as a person, personally.

Can I have black and white photos painted in colour?

For this purpose we ask you to forward your picture via the category “individual request” so that we can clarify this with you and our experts can make your picture according to your wishes. Basically, the coloration of black and white photos is possible at any time.

How is the price calculated?

The prices are calculated according to your individual size (height and width) and for certain categories according to the number of motifs/persons. You can see the final price before you put the product into the shopping cart.

Can I have my painting renewed if I have damaged it?

In the event of self-inflicted damage, it is unfortunately not possible for us to initiate a restoration of the original condition. In this case we recommend you to order a new painting. However, if only the stretcher frame is damaged, we will gladly replace the frame and string the painting again for you. The costs here amount to 49 CHF plus shipping.

How are the paintings shipped?

Our shipping partners for shipments throughout Switzerland are the Swiss Post and DHL and for international shipments UPS.

Are there packing and shipping costs?

There are no separate packaging and shipping costs for standard shipping. For shipping outside of Switzerland we charge shipping costs depending on the size of the painting.

Can I look at my painted picture first before it is sent?

As soon as your painting is finished, we will send you a preview of your painting. Only after you have given your consent, the finished painting will be sent. This way all your wishes will be taken into account before shipping.

How long does it take until I carry my oil painting in my hands?

Please note that drying times occur with oil paintings. We always try to keep the indicated delivery dates. However, should there be any correction requests on your part, the delivery time will be extended by a few days.

Why does it take so long from ordering the painting to the delivery date?

All our paintings are handmade. All details are taken into consideration. In addition, there are processing times and drying times of the paint. In order to meet the very highest quality standards, we need this time.

What happens if the painting is damaged on arrival or does not arrive at all?

Your artwork is of course insured. Nevertheless, we ask you to check the shipment immediately upon receipt. Should you discover any defects, please inform us immediately. We will help you with your claim.

Where can I find the bank details?

Account information:
ArtMinded GmbH
IBAN: CH35 0900 0000 1526 3561 2