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Frida Kahlo

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    SIZE: 80x120cm

    If you like this painting, but would like it in a different color, size or subject, your wish can of course be realized. We are anxious to be able to present you with an individual, tailor-made offer at any time. To do this, click on the button ” Select an individual image size” and tell us your wishes.

    DELIVERY TIME: 2-5 weeks


    In our store you will find over a hundred pre-produced works, which cover every style and every need. Every one of our artists is allowed to publish his works in our store and thus present his style directly to the customer. Whether for your new office, your new apartment or as a gift for your loved ones. With a painting from ArtMinded you always hit the mark. Each of our pictures is handmade and is created in a process lasting several days. Each picture is therefore truly unique !


    Oil painting is considered the highest of all painting arts. The reason for this is the vividness of the colours. No painting technique is more durable than oil painting. Thus oil paintings are often just as brilliant after decades as on the first day. Oil paintings are also extremely easy to maintain. Thus a painting can be preserved with minimal effort for a long time. Only the best artists are able to create art with oil paints. Our artists are definitely one of them. We use only the highest quality colours and materials for your art.


    Each of our pictures is provided with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee the authenticity of our limited art works and reproductions. This is to protect us against falsification and to guarantee that the quality is of the company ArtMinded in Switzerland.

    Each certificate shows the name of the painting in handwriting and receives an individual serial number from us. These are printed on 250g/m2 glossy paper and authenticated with the company name. A noble piece, which should be considered as a symbol for quality. Each of our paintings was created by hand by hours and days of work and that is what this certification stands for. You hold a certification in your hands, which certifies the authenticity as well as the uniqueness of your painting. We want each of our works to be something special and we want to honor this accordingly.


    Should you nevertheless discover any defects or not be completely satisfied, you can return the picture within 14 days of receipt. You will be refunded the full amount.

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    Dimensions 80 × 120 cm


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